Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Scienze politiche e sociali

For the second year, the Interdisciplinary Seminar was introduced as part of the Graduate Programme in European and International Politics at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. The seminar is based on the interaction of the various economic, political, legal and sociological disciplines present within the Faculty.

The two creators and coordinators of the initiative, Prof. Simona Beretta and Prof. Riccardo Redaelli, sought to create a lively cross-disciplinary interaction between professors and students. In the first part of the course, a number of professors were invited to speak on one topic; each lecture from the speakers initiated a debate involving both the students and other professors present. Prof. Beretta coordinated the lectures on the topic of “‘Plural’ Migrations and Societies”, and Prof. Readelli presented those on “Ethics, Identity and Dialogue in International Politics”.

The ideas provided by the specialists in the various fields inspired the students to elaborate their research topic, carried out as a group project, led by the course tutors Antonio Campati and Paolo Maggiolini during class sessions.

To bring the project to a close, the last two lessons consisted of a slide contest in which the various groups went head-to-head with presentations of their work to colleagues and professors.

An awards ceremony was held on Friday 11 December and students from the winning groups were awarded by Lorenzo Cremonesi, from Corriere della Sera. The journalist gave a lecture entitled "Ethics, identity, pluralism: geopolitical scenarios between Europe and the Middle East" and then discussed the topic with the students.