Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Lettere e filosofia

The study of humanities - the common cultural heritage of history, philosophy, classical and modern literature, archaeology and art history - at Università Cattolica has its roots in the European medieval university but, in the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, also offers perspectives on the present and the future.

Naturally, the Faculty combines knowledge-led instruction with innovation along with the rigorous training of upcoming researchers and teachers to foster new cultural and professional outcomes.

Sectors such as publishing and cultural heritage promotion demonstrate how humanities and the new frontiers of technology & communication are no longer distant and parallel worlds. A broad and solid syllabus, vast knowledge and culture, plus, a historical perspective are the requisites for facing such challenges. Specialising master programmes hone specific professional skills both through the syllabus and the course-related internships

The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at Cattolica faces this challenge in two ways:

  • with the academic rigor deriving from a long history of humanistic studies and the great schools of thought: archaeology, papyrology, glottology, philology, philosophy, history and the history of literature to name just a few. This tradition is mainly evident in the undergraduate degree in Literature, consisting in the following curricula: Ancient Literature, Philological-literary, Archaeological and Historical-Artistic Sciences, Publishing Communication and Performing Arts;
  • with courses that combine cultural knowledge and skills targeted to new professions such as degrees in Sciences and Technologies of the Arts and Performing Arts with its three curricula: Media and Performance Ideation and Production, Ideation and Production in Performing Arts and Print, Broadcast and Multimedia Journalism.

Students can then continue their academic path with the graduate degree programmes in Digital Content Management for Media, Enterprises and Cultural Heritage (two curricula: Content manager for the enhancement of local cultural heritage and in Content manager for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) e in Modern Philology.