Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Scienze politiche e sociali

The admission procedure to the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences graduate degree programmes comprises an evaluation of the student’s previous curriculum of studies which in some cases is automatically processed by the system and in others by an interview with a tutor.

If specific gaps are found in the preliminary knowledge required by the programme, the candidate will be informed and be invited to fill these gaps using the didactic tools shown in this section.

In some cases the self-assessment of the level of knowledge acquired after using the indicated teaching tool is entrusted to the student; in others cases a formal self-assessment test may be required. In both cases, the result is not binding for access to the graduate degree programme.

The didactic tools are subdivided by the relevant graduate degree programmes and by subject area. The student is kindly invited to pay attention to the correspondence between the tool identified, the information received and the name of the graduate degree programme to which he/she has registered.

(updated on July 2018)