Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Psicologia

A period of studying abroad is an extremely beneficial experience that fosters academic and personal development. Hence, for many years, the Faculty of Psychology has been endeavouring to increase the range of study exchanges for its students. These exchanges, whether in Europe, the USA or in other continents, are always within universities with consolidated research relationships that guarantee the quality of the clinical field and all the community, communication, development, marketing and organisational aspects.
In order to operate more efficiently on the foreign exchange front, the Faculty of Psychology has created an International Exchanges Committee whose main task is to closely supervise the academic process carried out by students abroad and to guarantee that :

  • the credits and timing of the exams abroad are comparable to those of the curricular courses;
  • the programmes are equivalent to those of Università Cattolica;
  • the exams abroad are validated when they return to Italy.

The Committee operates independently, being delegated by the Faculty to evaluate and possibly approve ALL courses, practice exercises, laboratories and any workshops carried out abroad.
The Committee is also in charge of endorsing collaboration and exchange agreements with colleagues from other foreign universities and it monitors the academic programmes of the affiliated campuses.
The Committee is chaired by Prof. Caterina Gozzoli and, along with the President, Prof. Rita Ciceri, it is composed of Prof. Livia Cadei and tutors Filippo Aschieri, Stefania Balzarotti, Sarah Miragoli and Laura Galuppo.

The tutors individually follow each student throughout the process, from the choice of the exchange programme, to the choice of location and courses, up to the conversion of the exam grades. They can be contacted by writing to:

Mr. Filippo Aschieri : filippo.aschieri@unicatt.it  
Mrs. Stefania Balzarotti: stefania.balzarotti@unicatt.it
Mrs. Laura Galuppo: laura.galuppo@unicatt.it
Mrs. Sarah Miragoli: sarah.miragoli@unicatt.it

More detailed information on the exchange programmes is determined by the type of mobility envisaged (in Europe, in the USA or in other continents) and on the individual calls for entry and can be consulted on http://ucscinternational.unicatt.it

For more in-depth information please contact both the tutors (regarding the choice of exams to be taken and the study plan) and the UCSC International contact person (regarding the structural and procedural information as stated in the calls for entry).
Lastly, each of the opportunities to study abroad includes a link that enables you to immediately access information on the locations and the procedures to be carried out in order to benefit from the exchange.

Pre-departure preparation for study abroad: checklist

Before departure, the student must complete the Exchange Learning Plan indicating the exams he/she intends to take whilst abroad. The ELP will be compiled with the help of the Tutors, participating in the International UCSC calls for entry, and must be approved by the International Exchanges Committee before departure.

Here attached the rules that the International Exchanges Committee applies in the conversion of grades obtained by the student whilst abroad.

Upon returning to Italy the student may compile the evaluation questionnaire in this file listing his/her assessments and comments on the foreign experience.