Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Facoltà di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali

The "Mathematics" pathway

The Mathematics pathway comprises an undergraduate degree programme in Mathematics, curriculum in Mathematics. Students who attain all the necessary credits are then eligible to access the graduate degree programme in Mathematics, also available at the Faculty. They may then wish to continue their academic path with a doctoral programme at one of the various campuses, for example, the international doctoral programme in Science taught at Università Cattolica.

Specifically, graduates of the three-year degree in Mathematics, curriculum in Mathematics acquire:

  • in-depth basic knowledge in mathematics;
  • key computational and IT skills;
  • disciplinary methods and the ability to understand and use mathematical models of concrete representations;
  • the ability to use English in the field of competence;
  • key skills for communication and information management;
  • ability to work in groups and effectively fit into work environments, with defined levels of autonomy.

With regard to the subsequent graduate degree in Mathematics, graduates acquire:

  • a solid cultural preparation in the methods appropriate to the discipline;
  • an in-depth knowledge of the scientific method;
  • advanced computational and IT skills;
  • a firm grounding in specialist mathematics, pure or applied in technical-scientific fields;
  • ability to analyse and solve problems through mathematical modelling in the economic-financial, industrial, biological, environmental areas;
  • ability to communicate mathematical problems and methods;
  • fluent English language proficiency;
  • autonomous interpersonal and work skills and undertaking of scientific and organizational responsibilities.

Graduate degree in Applied data science for banking and finance