Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Faculty of Education

This undergraduate degree enables students to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to education and training. It prepares graduates for professional, consultancy and self-employed roles and is suited to those who want to get involved, acquire broad spectrum knowledge and put their passion and motivation into practice.

This integrated degree programme is a teaching qualification for kindergarten and primary school teachers.
It is, therefore, a challenging path structured on a solid syllabus of keystone professional and discipline strategies.

A graduate degree programme specialising in educational relationships, cultivation of human resources, development of design skills leading to the professional role of Educationalist.
In line with current regulations, it also enables students to earn the credits necessary for participation in admission tests for secondary education training courses.

The Faculty

Immersed in great academic tradition, the Faculty of Education has always focused on the educational problems concerning the human person, intended in its entirety. To this end, and to adequately meet the challenges of contemporary society, it cultivates innovations in pedagogical research, in constant interdisciplinary discourse with the various human sciences.  This link between solid foundations and new perspectives of education, according to a personalist vision, is the Faculty of Education’s strongpoint and it is operative in three main campuses of Milan, Brescia and Piacenza.