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Spatial indistinguishability as a directly controllable quantum resource


Ore: 14.30

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Claudio GIANNETTI, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Rosario LO FRANCO, Engineering Dept., University of Palermo, Italy

The fundamental question whether the indistinguishability of identical particles can be exploitable for quantum information processing has been long debated in the context of quantum entanglement. In this talk, we discuss at an introductory level our most recent results about this purpose and its related practical consequences. In particular, we first explain the original particle-based approach to deal with states of identical particles without resorting to fictitious labels. Then, we describe the operational framework based on spatially localized operations and classical communication (sLOCC), which allows one to quantify quantum traits, such as entanglement, due to a given degree of spatial indistinguishability under generic spatial overlap configurations. The presented results, including recent experiments, make it clearly emerge that spatial indistinguishability, stemming from the spatial overlap of identical particles, constitutes a directly controllable operational quantum resource.

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